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.How To Get GBA Emulator & GBA Roms.

2009-11-15 09:06:00 by SuperSonix460

Im going to show you how to get GBA emulator.

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This my way of getting roms and gba emulator
1.Go to and put down
2.Click on the first one,then on the left you will see Gameboy Advance clicl on it.
3.Now go down and you will see one that says Visual Boy Advance click on that one
4.Go down and click on Visual Boy Advance 1.8.0 Beta3 and then press run
5.A folder should come up.Now click on Visual Boy Advance something should pop up
6.Now press extract files and wait for it to extract then a new folder should come up
7.Now cut the gba and put it tyour folder so next time you could play with it
8.Now lets get roms.Now exit out the Emulator zone site and put down or
9.Now im going to go to
10.On the left it will say game boy advance press on that
11.Go down and you will see letters of the game
12.Now click on a letter of a game that starts first like pokemon click on p or sonic click on s
13.Im going to press s for sonic games.Go down agian and you will see games press a game you want now. press it agian and wait a couple of seconds press download.Now press cut to the rom and put it in your folder
16.Now go to your gba emulator press it go to file and press open and get your rom that you saved in
17.Wait then thats it i should come up

How to get gba cheat codes for your games.................................

.How To Get GBA Emulator & GBA Roms.


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